Faculty Council

The faculty council consists of elected students, teachers and employees of the Faculty of Philosophy which discuss about faculty matters. They gather once in six weeks as faculty council alone and once in six weeks with the board of the faculty. In these meetings current happenings are discussed, initiatives are taken and goals are set. Examples of fixed discussion points are the budget of the faculty and education- and exam regulations. Beside these questions a lot of other topics are discussed, such as the content of the studies and the policy of the faculty.

The faculty council is appointed to give advice to the faculty board and is allowed to criticize. Becoming a member of the faculty council is a good way to get acknowledged with university politics, to learn more about the faculty and her policy and to come up with good ideas. As a member of the faculty council you organize the student participation meetings of the Student Participation Group of Philosophy. 

Do you have ideas, remarks or recommendations for the faculty council? Please contact them via e-mail (fil-facraad@rug.nl) or speak to one of the members.

Studentgeleding FR

Jasper Geurink (2011) Vice-voorzitter
Jikke Hesen (2016) Algemeen lid
Iris Luimstra (2015) Algemeen lid
Corina van der Werf (2017) Algemeen lid

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