Lectures Faculty of Philosophy

There are multiple colloquia, lectures and other events that are organized by our faculty. The themes of these events fidder, there is something intresting for everyone! We would highly reccomend that you would visit one of these lovely talks. 
Click the following link to fastforward to the agenda of the faculty: http://www.rug.nl/filosofie/news/events/‚Äč.

You can also enroll for the mailinglist, since at the request of STUFF a Nestor Organization called Announcements of Philosophy Lectures (FI08APL) is created. 

If you want to receive an email announcement about each lecture (or symposium, workshop, event) that is organize by our Faculty (and mostly taking place here,) you van now subscribe to this service via Progress. 

In Progress, click on the enrolling button on top of the page (right next to the results button), then click on Philosophy, and find this organizaiton under Mail Annoucements, Organizations. 

Enrol, and you qill recieve announcements of all lectures, that are also announced on our website. Of course, you can unenroll if you do not want to receive the announcements anymore. 

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