Dear philosopher,

Since September 24th 2019, we're (finally) officially allowed to call ourself the board of STUFF! We plan to do our absolute best to run STUFF, even though the end of time is coming closer and closer...(#2019) There will be many philosophical ├índ gezellige activities to look forward to this year!

Do you have any quirky questions, smart suggestions, or are you brutally bothered by excessive alliterations? Be sure to reach out! You will probably be able to find at least one of us at the faculty at any given time, and you may of course always contact us via e-mail. (contact details are listed on this page)

Lots of love,
The 15th STUFF-board

NaamContact detalis

"STUFF thou art, and unto STUFF thou shalt return."

From left to right: Dirk, Lucas, Maartje, Marieke, Tirza. (Photo by Marit de Jong)

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