The fast and furious ACCIE team doesn’t only look like they just came rolling out of an accie-movie, they have the most wild plans to make this year just a little more interesting for all the beloved STUFF members. They are there for you, to bring your experiences to new heights. And if you fill their box, they will listen to all of your ideas!

The ACCIE is the activities committee of STUFF, which organizes about 5 or 6 activities per year. We are a group of great people, who come together almost every week to chill and brainstorm about new ideas. We are also very open to ideas from other STUFF members: if you have an idea, just throw it in our ACCIE box, which is located in the canteen. Everything is possible, so make sure to check out our coming activities!

As the good old Ari always said, happiness is an activity of the ACCIE! (Okay, maybe he said it’s an activity of the soul, but of course you can kinda see the ACCIE as the soul of STUFF ;) )

The ACCIE can be reached via


Sharon Boersma (2017) Voorzitter
Ren de Jong (2018) -
Naud Katerberg (2019) -
Nicole Vos (2019) -
Jacob Zijlstra (2018) -

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