Unfortunately, we don't have an almanak committee this year. However, we will still try to put together a nice yearbook  But we do need your help with this!

In this form, you can upload a picture and a personal quote for in the almanak:…/1FAIpQLScGJ5IQmwb9CRAkW…/viewform…

In this form, you can send us random quotes you encounter throughout the year. Did someone from STUFF say something memorable? Please let us know!…/1FAIpQLScb5SIZ4sckyLlc0…/viewform…

You can also find these links on facebook and you will get them in your email, so you will have access to them all year 

Further on, if you have nice pictures/texts/other things that you think might deserve a place in this book, you can send them to the almanak email:

We look forward to receiving your input!



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