As philosophy students, we obviously don't stop thinking about absolutely fascinating philosophical ideas when we leave the lecture room. The Filocie (philosophy committee) is the committee of STUFF that realises this properly. We organise all philosophical events that will continue to make you feel like a proper philosopher even after your courses. Events we organise include interesting and gezellige film lecture evenings (preferably with pizza), teacher cafes where we invite teachers from our faculty to tell something about an interesting topic within their research field, and career days where you can finally get your answer to the question all your relatives keep bothering you with: "How can you get a job with that philosophy degree?"

This year, we will also be organising a fabulous symposium. Fun fact: a symposium is actually a booze-drenched gathering, at least according to the original definition that they used in Ancient Greece. Nowadays, symposia are usually conferences where lectures are given and discussions are held about an interesting topic. Don't worry, we'll make sure that this version of a symposium is going to be just as much of a party!

You can contact the Filocie by sending an email to


Job-Friso Gouvernante (2019) -
Marieke Luinge (2018) -
Maaike Rijntjes (2016) -
Sander ter Schuur (2019) -
Lieke Wieggers (2019) Voorzitter
from left to right: Job, Lieke, Maaike (top row), Marieke (bottom row), Sander.

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