Does it also entice you to meet philosopher people from outside the High North of the Netherlands? Do you dream of meeting wise men from far away places and to get an insight into other study associations? Do you like going back to basics, camping and heading out into nature? Then you can't miss MUF!

MUF (Met Uitsluitend Filosofen; Dutch for With Philosophers Only) is an annual camp organised by philosophers for philosophers from all over the Netherlands. Both in Utrecht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam , Leiden as well as Tilburg there live enthusiastic philosophers that love to chill and camp. The MUFcommittee (MUFcie) organises this amazing camp, and is there to answer all your questions, or for any input or worries you may have. You can always have a chat with Wilco, Daan, Oscar or Ayla, or send an email to

For more info, do not hesitate to check out or Facebook page.



Tirza Mafi (2017) -
Ricardo Roebers (2017) Voorzitter
Mirdin Velthuis (2018) -
Suze Vries (2015) -
Oscar de Vries (2017) -

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