Honorary Members

Honorary members are appointed as such by the general member meeting. It's possible to nominate someone as honorary member when you're with at least five STUFF-ers. Honorary members don't pay contribution. 

Currently, the following 6 STUFF members have the honorary member status:

  • Jan Willem Wennekes
  • Marloes Bensdorp
  • Lisa Kievits
  • Joost Palenstijn
  • Stef Thoen
  • Wim van der Molen

STUFF was founded by: 

  1. Jan Willem Wennekes;
  2. Marloes Bensdorp;
  3. Lisa Kievits;
  4. Joost Palenstijn;
  5. Stef Thoen;

on the 18th of October 2004. All five of them have been appointed as honorary member. 

On the 25th of September 2018, Wim van der Molen was appointed as an honorary member as well.

Wim was a member of the STUFF board for a period of 1,5 years in 2014 and 2015, during which he held both the position of chairman and treasurer, while putting in a great effort to get the association through a very difficult time and some financial setbacks. In 2015 he also loaned STUFF a large sum of money, in order for the association to be able to continue the organization of the introductory camp that year. He showed his everlasting support for STUFF once again when he joined the RavA (advisory council) in the academic year of 2017-2018, offering that year's board very helpful insights and advice.

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