The Stuffed Owls

The Stuffed Owls is the name of the first STUFF-band, founded in 2015. Because the name is so unbelievably cathy and because they can live off the fame of previous formations, they decided to keep the name in 2016 and 2017.

2018 however, did not only bring two new STUFF-bands, but also two new names: 

*Always Abstract Sociaal* Tosti Soep (At The Movies)

We are one of the two amazing STUFF-bands of this year: *Always Abstract Sociaal* Tosti Soep (At The Movies). Our name is inspired by the mysterious young lady that accompanies us when we come together to rehearse for our lives in our sordid little room. We do this about weekly.

Our band consists of six incredible members. Jurgen Bakker: the only non-philosopher in our midst, forms the rythmic skeleton of the band from behind his drumkit. Sam Alma is our skilled bass player, with the important extra job of checking whether our dynamic work is on point. Jorrit Krom and Wouter Wiersma are our guitarists, who know how to steal the show every know and then with their brilliant solos. Then we have Lucas Kuipers, who tediously tests the keys with his handy hands. Last but not least we have our singer: Marieke Luinge, who effortlessly lights up a place with her singing (she is also very modest).

With this little club of musicians we play a repertoire that consists of classic rock and grunge music that will ring a bell for many listeners, alternated by songs that might be more mellow, but definitely not any less groovy!

*Always Abstract Sociaal* Tosti Soep (At The Movies)

St. Thomas & the Paradigm Shifters AKA Blåsväder

It is 2025. The festival-heads of Burning Man are in complete ecstasy after a monumental performance of St. Thomas & the Paradigm Shifters AKA Blåsväder who are on a farewell tour for their latest platinum album. Behind the scenes the exhausted band comes off stage: Luna, the drummer, with her arms like tree trunks. Olivier, the keyboard player, with his wild hairs that store his creative powers. Mirdin, who uses her bass to sweep deep tones into the musical whole. Han, the guitarist who only has resonant chords on his neck. Edwin, the viking with the rough beard that still truly wants to be a Rockstar. The elegant Floor, who brings together the noise of the band with her singing, and for the rest prefers being quiet. And our newest member Maurice, who weaves the ghost of Miles Davis into his music.

This set of uncontrolled musical geniuses will deliver a show that will bring many an artist in awe. Expect grand symphonies, musical masterpieces, jam sessions that will melt your ears. This. Is. St. Thomas & the Paradigm Shifters, AKA Blåsväder.

St. Thomas & the Paradigm Shifters AKA Blåsväder

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