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Bestuur 2017-2018
20 mrt. 2018 21:00:00
21 mrt. 2018 01:00:00
Nachtcafé Warhol

Come and get yourself a drink together with your fellow philosopher's at the Warhol! March aside from being the month of the first spring blossems and better weather than the months before is also named after the god of war. Don't come to the warhol to make war though, beacuse that won't be allowed on the international day of happiness. A smile on your face is mandatory and without one the board will tell "knock knock" jokes untill you do smile. Talking about smiling, lets have good time discussing the fine topic of general relativity. Guess who published his paper on this topic the 20th of march 1916?! That's right! Einstein did! So in light of this great discovery of time not being absolute don't mind coming a bit earlier and staying a bit longer. Ofcourse you can talk about other things aswell during that time as it will fly by as a 4-dimensional non-lineair space-time structure, like the foundation of the VOC on the 20th of march 1602. Be there or be square!