Allemaal leuk en aardig, die grapjes over dat filosofie een opleiding is zonder baanperspectief. Wij weten wel beter; er is meer dan genoeg te doen na onze prachtige studie. Hieronder wat dingetjes. 

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Carrière bij de EU

Een bericht van de EU career ambassador in Groningen

Would you like to work in an international environment and that your job impacts over 400 million people and beyond on a daily basis? Then a career at the European Union might be something for you!

However, where to start? What kind of opportunities are there? Which conditions do I have to fulfill in order to be eligible to apply?  Often, a career at the European Union seems far away for students, but this does not have to be the case.

I am Dwayne van Haasen and as an EU Careers Ambassador, these and many other questions I can answer for you!  I can help you gain insight in openings for traineeships or for permanent career opportunities at the EU institutions through the EU Concourse.  Furthermore, I can help you explain the selection procedures and give advice how to prepare for them.

Follow me on Facebook: EU Careers – Groningen and keep posted on job or traineeships openings and upcoming career Events!  Or just contact me on with any questions you might have!


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